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Tas Cru Awarded 2014 KBA

The Blues Foundation awarded Tas Cru the 2014 Keeping the Blues Alive - blues education.  The award was given in Memphis, TN on January 24th.  More info at the Blues Foundation website.


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Half the Time - live January 2014

The vivacity and sheer joy with which Cru plays is intoxicating and his ability to cast a memorable hook is magical! "



It is not for nothing Tas Cru has been called "the master of the triple entendre."  His songs are blues poetry - telltale life lessons crafted with rare verbal flair and delivered with a power and passion the heights of which only the seasoned concert entertainer can reach. Rawcuss, rowdy, gentle, sweet, eccentric, quirky, and outright irreverent are all words that fittingly describe Tas Cru's songs and testify to his reputation as a one of the most unique of bluesmen plying his trade today!



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